How to Save Multiple Images at Once in Google Chrome


A common problem that I’ve faced while using most web browsers is, that most of them don’t have a built in feature to save multiple images from a page. Its can be irritating to save multiple images one by one. Not only it wastes a lot of your time, at the same time it slows down your browsing experience.
Fortunately there are third party extensions available for all the major web browsers that can help you with downloading multiple images in a go. Now if you are using Google Chrome, you can head over to the chrome web store and search for the related extensions. Well, you will stumble upon a dozen of these extensions, so which ones the best of the lot?
While there are many extensions that can assist you with downloading multiple images at once in Google chrome, the best among them is Image Downloader. Once installed, the extension appears in chrome’s extension bar. Here’s how you can use it to download  multiple images at once in Google chrome.

How to Save Multiple Images at Once in Google Chrome

Download and install Image Downloader from the link provided at the bottom of this post.
Now open the page from where you want to download images and click on image downloader from chrome’s extension bar.

  • Step 1: Enter a folder name in the ” Save to subfolder ” text field provided. The downloaded images will be saved in this folder which will be created in the location where chrome saves downloaded files by default.


  • Step 2: Set the Maximum width and height limit for the images to be displayed.
  • Step 3: You can now either manually select a few to download or select the select “ Select all “ option to select all the images under the maximum size limit set by you.

Note: You can also select “ Only images from links “ to only show the images that are available to download from the site as direct links. This option will help you to eliminate thumbnails from the selected images.

  • Step 4: Finally click on Download and all the selected images will be downloaded to a folder in the default download location of Google Chrome.

Download: Image Downloader for Google Chrome

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