How to Save YouTube Videos Offline for Viewing Later


If your phone is connected to a high speed internet connection then its going to be a breeze to watch videos on the YouTube app, otherwise its going to be a tedious job to wait while the YouTube videos keep buffering on your android device.

While most other countries in the world are boasting about the latest cellular technologies like 4G and even Free WiFi hotspots, India on the other hand is lagging way behind. Our government proudly describes a broadband internet connection’s speed to be 256Kbps. Even at this speed, a YouTube video playing at 240p will keep on buffering.

Keeping in mind about the current infrastructure of internet connectivity in India, YouTube has now updated the Indian version of its android app with a new feature that allows videos to be stored on the device upto a maximum of 48 hours. Well, this is something that means a lot to Indians, since we have internet connections that usually end up providing 256kbps speed after the FUP limits are crossed.

How to Save YouTube Videos Offline for Viewing Later

So if you want to save a video on your android device, you can tap on the download icon provided below the video and select the desired video quality. The video will then be downloaded on your device.


Now you have until 48 hours to watch the downloaded video until it gets deleted. The video will be stored under the offline section in the app’s menu.


As for limitation, it seems not all YouTube videos can be downloaded and saved offline on a android device. While this feature is India specific, i am pretty sure anybody can get this feature by installing the Indian version of the app or by using an Indian vpn to download and install the app. You can download the YouTube India Apk from the download link provided below.

Download: YouTube App for Android



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