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Like most instant messaging software available on the market, we have always wanted whatsapp to be available on desktop platforms such as windows and mac.
Inspite of the limitations, whatsapp users have found out numerous workarounds to run and use the instant messaging app from a desktop PC. One of these most common workaround for using whatsapp on PC involves running the app from an android emulator. But unfortunately this workaround doesn’t let you use whatsapp simultaneously from multiple devices.
Fortunately there is an even easier method of using whatsapp from a desktop PC and the best thing about this method is it enables you to use whatsapp simultaneously from both your desktop PC and smartphone.
You would have heard of Airdroid or even used it before for transferring files wirelessly to your android device from a PC. Airdroid is one of the most useful android apps and with the latest update, the app has added another new feature that enables you to use whatsapp from a desktop PC. I’ve tried out this feature personally and it is indeed the easiest method of using whatsapp from a desktop PC. However the only limitation with this method is, you will need to have a rooted android phone.
For those who want to use whatsapp on a bigger screen, here’s how you can use whatsapp from a Mac or Windows PC.
Note: Make sure that your android device and Desktop PC are connected to the same WiFi connection.

How to Use WhatsApp on Windows and Mac with AirDroid 3

  • Step 1: Download and install the Airdroid app on your android device.

Download Airdroid

  • Step 2: Sign in into the app or Sign up with a new account.


  • Step 3: Once you’ve signed in, the app will request you to enable real time notifications on your PC. Click on Enable.


  • Step 4: Enable the Android Notification Mirror feature.


  • Step 5: Now Head over to in your desktop’s browser and Download the respective Airdroid client for your Mac or PC from the download links provided.


  • Step 6: Sign in with your airdroid account.


  • Step 7: Once the desktop client for android is installed, login into your airdroid account on the airdroid desktop client.

Thats it, Now when you receive a message on whatsapp, the same will be notified on your desktop.
If you click on the message notification, it will open in a whatsapp window and you can use you mouse and keyboard to navigate and type in the replies.

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