Scan documents to PDF on your Android with Camscanner


A lot of people including me don’t have a scanner at our home. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t need scanners. At some point in our life, we will need to use a scanner in order to scan our documents or photos. But it won’t be a good idea to purchase a scanner just because you need to use it once or twice. Instead you can just borrow one from your friend or get your documents scanned at any DTP shop.
However if you have an Android phone with a decent camera, you don’t need to make use of a scanner anymore. You can just install an android app called Camscanner and it will turn your Android phone into an power document scanner.
The best feature of the Camscanner app is it optimizes the scan quality by smartly cropping the photo and auto enhancing it to make the text and graphics look clear and sharp. Thanks to this feature, you don’t have to worry about the lens distortion anymore. Once you’ve scanned a document with the app, you can edit it further by adding annotations and customized watermarks. The app also allows you to share the scanned documents and even protect them with a password so that the documents can only be opened by the intended receiver.
While the above were some of the major features of the free version of Camscanner. The paid version of Camscanner offers additional features such as (OCR) Optical Character Recognition and Auto upload docs to Box, Google Drive, Dropbox , Evernote and OneDrive.
So all in all Camscanner can be used to scan the following items.

  • Bill, Invoice, Contract, Tax Roll, Business Card…
  • Whiteboard, Memo, Script, Letter…
  • Blackboard, Note, PPT, Book, Article…
  • Credential, Certificate, Identity Documents…

Here’s how you can scan documents using Camscanner.

Scan documents to PDF on your Android with Camscanner

  • Step 1: Download and install Camscanner from the download links provided at the end of this post.
  • Step 2: Tap on the camera icon and use the camera to take a photo of the document.


  • Step 3: Tap on the tick icon to process the photo.


  • Step 4: Adjust the crop selections to the edge of the document.


  • Step 5: You can now select from the various presets such as auto, lighten , Magic color, gray and B&W
  • Step 6: You can also change the contrast of the scanned document.


  • Step 7: Select the scanned document and then tap on the share icon to share it as PDF or JPG file.


  • Step 8: Alternatively, you can also long tap on the scanned doc to bring up the options and select Save to gallery to save the document to your phone’s gallery.

While your android phone is by default capable of capturing high quality photos, it isn’t the right choice for scanning documents as the lens distortion wouldn’t let you capture the document properly. So the next time you want to scan documents with your android phone, make use of the Camscanner app to do so.
Download: Camscanner for Android

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