Hidden Method of Taking Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Android Devices


If you own a Samsung android phone, how do you take a screenshot of your phone’s screen?. Well, perhaps most of you might be swiping your phone’s screen with your palm. This is one of the features of the touch-wiz ui on Samsung phones , which allows you to take screenshots of your phone by swiping on it with your palm.
While the palm swiping method of taking screenshots is easy to perform, there are many instances when the palm swipe interferes with the overlay menu’s on your phones screen and thus you might not be able to get a WYSIWYG screenshot.
So if you are looking for a better way of taking screenshot of your Samsung based android phone, then here’s a less known and secret method of taking screenshots of your phone’s screen. Here’s how you can take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy android phone, without using the hand swipe feature.

Hidden Trick to take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Android device

When you want to capture a screenshot of your phone’s display, simply press and hold the Home + Power button at the same time and within a second or two the screenshot will be captured and saved to the screenshots folder in the gallery. In case you Samsung Galaxy android phone doesn’t have the Touchwiz UI, then you can follow the next key combination provided below.

Hidden Trick to take Screenshots on Google Android devices

For those who are not using an Samsung Galaxy android device, you can try the following key combination to capture screenshots. Press hold of the Power button + Volume down button at the same time for a few seconds and the screenshot of your phone’s display will be captured.

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