Nokia 130 Announced with 36 Days Standby and $25 Price Tag


Nokia has announced its super affordable phone, the Nokia 130. The Nokia 130 runs on Symbian S30 and is purely a basic phone that offers a long battery life.
The Nokia 130 features a 1.8 inch color display, built in flashlight, FM radio, USB charging and an SD card slot among its main features. The phone comes with Nokia’s Bluetooth SLAM technology to easily share and receive media files.
As for the software features, the Nokia 130 features a built in video player and music player. The music player is capable of providing up to 46 hours of music playback on a single charge.
The Nokia 130 phone is available in two variants of single sim version and dual sim version. What’s outstanding about this device is its standby time period. According to Nokia’s, the Single sim version of the Nokia 130 can provide a standby time of up to 36 days, whereas the dual version can provide a standby time of up to 26 hours. Both models are capable of providing a talk time of up to 13 hours on a single battery charge. The phone can support MicroSD cards up to 32GB in size, which can easily store around 6000 songs.
The single sim and dual sim version of the Nokia 130 will be available by the end of this quarter in three color variants of red, black and white. The phone is expected to be priced around $25 ( Rs. 1500 ). The Nokia 130 will be available in select markets, including China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam.
The phone’s main purpose is to serve as an super affordable phone for emerging markets, however additional features such as music and video playback and Bluetooth connectivity make it an excellent option for a backup phone.

Tech specs summary

Operating System : Series 30+
Display : 1.8” QQVGA
Battery : Up to 36 days standby for Single SIM and 26 days for Dual SIM; 13 hours 2G talk time. 46 hours music playback; 16 hours video playback. Battery capacity: 1020mAh
Connectivity : USB 2.0, 3.5mm AV Connector, microSD, Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM
Memory : 32GB micro SD card support
Via: Nokia

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