SecretInk lets you send Self Destructing Emails


It feels kind of cool to send a self destructing message. While not most of us might be in need of something like this regularly, but in case you ever need to send a self destructing message that deletes itself after its been read, here is a service that will come to your help.


SecretInk is an free online service that allows people to send self destructing messages that destroy itself after the message has been read. You can send passwords, account information or just plain fun messages and SecretInk assures that no third parties will read them.

According to SecretInk, your message is stored on their servers until it is read, once it is read, the message is automatically deleted from SecretInk’s servers. One the message is deleted there is no way it can be retrieved. SecretInk makes use of end to end HTTPS encryption, which makes sure that there is no chance of your message being read by any intermediary between you and the intended receiver.

Apart from self destructing emails, SecretInk also allows you to send self destructing SMS. So here is how you can compile and send a self destructing email using SecretInk.

Sending self destructing emails using SecretInk is very easy, just compile your message and enter the email address of the receiver. Once you click the send button, the message will be delivered to the intended receiver. The receiver will receive a link as a email and once he opens the link, he will be able to read the message. As the receiver starts receiving the message, there is a cool burning effect which will finish in 5 seconds and with it the message will be deleted permanently.

How to send self destructing emails using SecretInk

  • Step 1: Head over to
  • Step 2: Type in your message in the space provided and enter the email address of the receiver.


  • Step 3: Click on send to send the message to the receiver.


As i have said earlier. A link will be send to the intended receiver and once he clicks on the link, he will be able to read your message , which will then be automatically deleted in 5 seconds or so.

Here is how the email will look on the receivers end:

self-destructing-message-in-emailHere is the message:


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