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Do you need help with solving math geometry questions? Well, Google is here to help you out. Google has quietly updated its search calculator and with the new update Google’s search calculator is now capable of solving complex math and geometry questions too.

Query your geometry related question in Google search and the Google search calculator will solve them for you. For example, to find out the area of a circle, enter the following query in Google search “area of a circle” and press enter. Next type in a value for the radius of the circle and instantly the area of the circle will be calculated.


To calculate a different value, click on the arrow symbol next to Solve for and select a different value.


Well it’s just an simple example to demonstrate Google’s search calculator’s newly added capabilities. Additionally, as Quoted by Alex Chitu on the Google systems blog, the Google search calculator can be used to solve various other geometry questions such as the following.

  • [solve triangle]
  • [area of a circle]
  • [volume of a sphere]
  • [perimeter of a trapezoid]
  • [area of a pentagon]
  • [hypotenuse calculator]
  • [triangular prism volume]
  • [calculate the diagonal of a cube with 6mm edge]
  • [volume of a cylinder with radius 4cm and height 8cm]
  • [a^2+b^2=c^2 calc a=4 b=7 c=?]

Well most of won’t be solving geometry problems daily but in case you ever have to, Google’s search calculator will be there to help you out. I could only wish Google had launched this feature back in my high school days.

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