Translate Words on the go with Word Lens Translator for Android and iOS


When you are travelling to a place where people speak an entirely different language than yours, you might find yourself in an situation where you will need constant help to translate signs and languages.
It will be fortunate enough if you get to meet someone who speaks a common language, however in extreme cases if you can’t find one, how would you translate the language?
Of course, you can keep a handy translation guide with yourself to help you out with translating notices, signs and even communication with others. However if you don’t want to bother someone at every nook and corner, you can try installing the Word lens translator app on your android phone and use it to translate foreign languages on the go.
Word lens translator is an free app for android and iOS devices that instantly translates printed words with the help of your phone’s camera. The best thing about the app is it does not require an active internet connection to translate words. You can either use the camera to translate printed words or type in words manually to translate them. These features makes this app a handy companion for someone who is traveling to a place where people speak a different language.
However at this moment Word lens is limited to a few major languages in the world such as Russian, spanish, french, italian, german and portuguese. So the app will only be useful to you if you want to translate any of the above languages to English or vice versa.

Translate Words on the go with Word lens translator for Android and iOS

Now that you know about this handy little app to translate languages on the go, here’s how you can use it.

  • Step 1: Download and install the Word Lens Translator on your Android or iOS device from the links provided at the bottom of this page.
  • Step 2: Once installed, you can open the app and start using it directly.


  • Step 3: You can tap on the globe icon to select from the list of languages.


  • Step 4: You can also click on the book icon to use the text translation feature.

Although the app may not be perfect at what it does, but by what it is capable of, it does a decent job at translating languages.
Here are some notes from the developers of Word lens translator to help you translate languages more quickly.

Notes for getting the best quality out of your translations:

  • Best used on clearly printed text (e.g. signs, menus)
  • DOES NOT recognize handwriting or stylized fonts
  • It’s not perfect, but you can get the general meaning!
  • Keep text in focus by holding it at least one hand-length away and tap-to-focus if autofocus is struggling.
  • Turn on the flashlight (if available on your device)
  • Zoom in (if available on your device)

Download: Word Lens Translator Android

Download: Word Lens Translator for iOS


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