How To Turn Your Personal Handwriting Into a Custom Font


When it comes to fonts, most of us prefer to download or purchase them online. But have you ever thought about creating your own font. We don’t even give a thought to that, but you would be happy to know that now you can create a front from your own personal handwriting.

Finding the perfect font is not an easy task. With thousands of free and paid fonts already available online, nothing can match with the uniqueness of your own personal handwriting as a font. After your turn your personal handwriting into an font, you can use it to create notes and even print them. The possibilities are endless but lets get started with turning your handwriting into a font.
Creating a font from your own handwriting is easy. All you need to do is download and print the template provided by MyScriptFont and fill it with all the alphabets or if you have a pen tablet, use can even fill it digitally. Next you need to scan it and upload it to the site and within minutes you can download and use your own personal handwriting as a font. Here’s are the detailed instruction to turn your personal handwriting into a font using MyScriptFont.

Turn Your Personal Handwriting Into a Custom Font using MyScriptFont


  • Step 2: Download the template provided and save it on your computer.


  • Step 3: Print the template and fill it with all the alphabets. In case you have a pen tablet, you can even fill it digitally.


  • Step 4: Scan the template after you have filled it completely and upload it to MyscriptFont.
  • Step 5: Now enter a name for the font and select the Format as True Type Font. You can also select from the other formats provided.


  • Step 6: Finally click on Send file and wait for a few minutes after which you will be provided with a preview of the font and a  link to download it. Download it and install it on your computer



Thats it, now you can use your own font to create documents, notes and a lot of other things. But remember that the font can be only used/viewed on the computer which it is installed. If you are sending a document to your friend which was created with your own handwriting font, then the font will not appear on your friends computer, since he does not have the font installed on his PC. Instead you should send him an image of the document or a PDF.

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