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One of the most irritating thing online is getting a “ website not available “ message while accessing website . Be it a country specific website block or a block imposed by the Government , any website can be unblocked . There are many simple tricks to unblock websites , Lets take a look at an easy to use and handy software called Hola .

Hola is a free VPN service which is supported on multiple platforms like Windows , Android , Mac and even supports Chrome and Firefox web browsers through extensions . The android version of Hola may require root access on certain android phones  . Download the Android version of Hola accelerator and unblocker  .

You just need to install the Hola extension and surf any website blocked in your country . Hola comes most handy for using video streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, iTV Player, CBS, and Fox . Though it can be used for unblocking blocked websites .

Most sites implement country specific blocks . To manually change to a VPN from another country click on the Hola logo on the top of the Chrome browser and select a different VPN .

hola vpn selector

Hola also doubles up as a website speed accelerator , If you have a high bandwidth connection and suffer from low loading speeds , hola can help with speeding up your website loading speeds significantly .

Do try this great extension on your browsers and lets us know which websites did you unblock using it .

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