How To View, Delete or Disable your Google Location History


Did you knew that Google monitors and keeps track of all the places that you have visited using the help of your Android device?. Its kind of creepy to know about this, but it is a real and a less known fact. Whenever you use Google maps or Google now, these apps monitor and track your locations and save it on your Google location history.


For those who are very concerned about their privacy, the Google location history is not something that you will want to be enabled. So you will be better off with this feature disabled. To add to this Google is known to comply with NSA’s terms, which means the US government will also have access to your Google location history. This is not something anybody would approve of.

But in some cases, there might be some location data which you might not want to delete. In this case, Google location history allows you to delete specific portions of your location history. Here is how you can view ,delete or disable the Google location history.

How to View your Google Location History

Head over to this page to view your Google location history:


How to Delete your Google Location History

Google location history allows you to delete any specific location or all of them at once. By default the Google location history show all the location for the current day. Use the pull down menu provided below the calendar to view your location history from the past 30 days and finally click on Delete all history.


How to Delete specific location from Google Location History

To delete a specific location, simply click on one of those red points on the map and click on Delete from history from the dialog box that appears.


You can even export your location history in case you want to save it before deleting. Simply select the time period and click on the Export to KML and your Google location data for the selected time period will be downloaded as a KML file, which can be later viewed in Google maps.


How to Disable Google Location History

Disabling your Google location history will not delete your previous location history data.  So you will need to manually delete your Google location history before disabling it. Here is how you can disable the Google location history.

  • Step 1: Head over to the Google location history page, Click on the Cog icon and select Settings.


  • Step 2: On the settings page you need to select the Disable option and click on Save to disable Google location history.


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