100+ Beautiful Dual Monitor Backgrounds and Wallpapers for your Desktop


While most of us may be satisfied with just one monitor , For most techies one monitor is not just enough. The more they have the faster their work gets done  and they do have something to brag about .

Dual monitor setup or two monitor setup are increasingly becoming  popular these days . Not just in offices , but also among  gamers as games are starting to support for dual , triple and even six monitor support . A dual monitor setup is common with most gamers , designers and developers . Even you can get yourself a dual monitor setup . These days dual monitor setup are pretty cheap , since a 22 or 24 inch monitor can be bought for around $100 or less .

If you have already got an dual monitor setup then we present you with our collection of 100+ dual monitor backgrounds for your desktop . These dual monitor backgrounds vary from 2560×1024 resolution to around 3840×1080 resolution and even more . This collection of dual monitor backgrounds mostly includes some beautiful and stunning nature backgrounds and a few architectural and graphic design based backgrounds . Use them on your Windows , Linux or Mac desktop and give your desktop a new look.

Download these 100+ collection of beautiful and free dual monitor backgrounds to your PC and liven up your Dual monitor desktop .

100+ Best , Beautiful and free dual monitor backgrounds for your desktop


  1. Koblenz HDR Dual monitor backgroundwallpapers_dual_monitor
  2. Silky city cloudswallpaper-498525
  3. Tokyo  : Resolution: 5760×1800tokyo-2
  4. Marinadarknessrising
  5. Dual monitor background14142_1_other_wallpapers_dual_monitor_dual_screen
  6. Ink Explosion
  7. Graphic Dual monitor backgroundiz5EWkanmN5P2


  1. Yellow Forest : Resolution: 2560×1024yellowforest
  2. Yellow Field : Resolution: 2560×1024yellowfield
  3. Winter Sunrise : Resolution: 2560×1024wintersunrise
  4. Waves : Resolution: 2560×1024waves
  5. Wave Barrel  : Resolution: 2560×1024wavebarrel
  6. Waterfall : Resolution: 2560×1024waterfall-6
  7. Waterfall : Resolution: 2560×1024waterfall-4
  8. Tree stump covered with moss : Resolution: 2560×1024wallpaper-805391
  9. Ocean view Dual monitor background : Resolution: 2560×1024wallpaper-805383
  10. Stream inside the forest : Resolution: 2560×1024wallpaper-805345
  11. Water drops : Resolution: 2560×1024wallpaper-797960
  12. Plateau  : Resolution: 2560×1024wallpaper-646978
  13. Vibrant Leaves : Resolution: 2560×1024vibrantleaves
  14. Vibrant Lake : Resolution: 2560×1024vibrantlake
  15. Sunset at Muriwai Beach, New Zealand  : Resolution: 2560×1024sunsetatmuriwaibeachnewzealand
  16. Sunrisesunrise-2
  17. Sun Over Ocean sunoverocean
  18. Stormy Mountain Range stormymountainrange
  19. Starry Sky starrysky
  20. Spring Glow springglow
  21. Spring : Resolution: 2560×1024spring
  22. Snowy Sunrise snowysunrise-2
  23. Snowy Mountains snowymountains-3
  24. Rolling Hills Dual Monitor Backgroundsrollinghills
  25. Rocky Terrain  : Resolution: 2560×1024rockyterrain
  26. Rocky Shore rockyshore-2
  27. River View Dual Monitor Backgroundsriverview
  28. River Through Rolling Hills riverthroughrollinghills
  29. Red Yellow Leaves redyellowleaves
  30. Red Berries Dual Monitor Backgroundsredberries
  31. Raspberries raspberries
  32. Purple Field purplefield
  33. Orange Valley orangevalley
  34. Mushroom Dual Monitor Backgroundsmushroom
  35. Mount Rainier Cloud Shadow mountrainiercloudshadow
  36. Mountain Range Through Trees mountainrangethroughtrees
  37. Mountain Range mountainrange
  38. Moraine Lake morainelake
  39. Low Tide Dual Monitor Backgrounds lowtide
  40. Look Uplookup
  41. Long Cloudlongcloud-2
  42. Lone Treelonetree-2
  43. Lone Treelonetree
  44. Loch Ard Gorgelochardgorge
  45. Lake Reflectionslakereflections-2
  46. Lake-front Sunriselakefrontsunrise
  47. Forest riveri6mu8qfnRpGTK
  48. Hills By Lakehillsbylake
  49. Hills Dual Monitor Backgroundshills
  50. Grizzly Rivergrizzlyriver
  51. Green Valleygreenvalley
  52. Green Simplicitygreensimplicity
  53. Grass Dual Monitor Backgroundsgrass-2
  54. Grand Canyongrandcanyon-2
  55. Golden State Poppiesgoldenstatepoppies
  56. Forest Waterfallforestwaterfall
  57. Forest Entranceforestentrance
  58. Fog River Bankfogriverbank
  59. Foggy Mistfoggymist
  60. Flowers Dual Monitor Backgroundsflowers
  61. Crashing Waves at Sunsetcrashingwavesatsunset
  62. Country Waterfallcountrywaterfall
  63. Coast Rockscoastrocks
  64. Coast Dual Monitor Backgroundscoast
  65. Stormy shorecloudybeach
  66. Clear Lakeclearlake
  67. Cherry Blossoms 2cherryblossoms2
  68. Branches Dual Monitor Backgroundsbranches
  69. Branchbranch
  70. Blue Sunrisebluesunrise
  71. Berries Dual Monitor Backgroundsberries
  72. Sunsetbeachsunset.jpg.pagespeed.ce.3pulf1Btjs
  73. Beach In Motion Dual Monitor Backgrounds beachinmotion
  74. Barkbark
  75. Overemphasized23714
  76. Archway9X Media - 1280 - Dual Horizontal - Archway
  77. Citywallpaper-498525

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