30+ Cool Phone Backgrounds for your Android Phone [ September 2013 ]


A wallpaper a day keeps your phone fresh and your mood happy , that’s what i believe in . Customizing your phone helps you to give your phone a unique look and a unique personality too . Studies have revealed that the way we customize our phone , tells a lot about our personalities . If you love customizing your phone , then you will love our collection of 30+ cool phone backgrounds today .

Finding good background wallpapers is not an easy task on the internet . Since the internet is too much crowded and mixed up with all sorts of wallpapers , sooner or later you’re gonna get deviated from what you kept searching initially . Most sites don’t care about what kind of wallpapers they post and most of the phone backgrounds are not suitable for phone screens  . We have made choosing a cool background for your phone easier . We proudly present our collection of 30+ Cool Phone backgrounds to spice up your phone and give it phone a cool and fresh look everyday .

Note : The Phone backgrounds below will come in different sizes . It is not possible to have multiple sizes of each background ,  as most of these backgrounds come in one size . There should be no problem using these backgrounds on you phone , since android can resize the backgrounds to your screen size .

30+ Cool Phone Backgrounds for your Android Phone

Go ahead , download these cool phone backgrounds and set use them on your phones . If you do like them don’t forget to show some social love and like this post .

  1. low_polygon1
  2. graphic-hd-wallpaper-design-2013
  3. 955187200
  4. 1140326400
  5. low_polygon11
  6. assorted_06
  7. assorted_02
  8. 809369600
  9. Abstract-Blue-Android-HD-Wallpaper-Free
  10. Rain-Drops-Leafs-Android-Wallpaper-High-Resolution
  11. zpecter
  12. wallpaper_400097758
  13. 12963OL296220-55c5
  14. light-circles
  15. UP_wallpaper_
  16. 394872
  17. 403172
  18. 403407
  19. wallpaper-610790
  20. bokeh
  21. assorted_20
  22. Bjango_Trio_Aqua_(MBP_Retina)
  23. batman_wide
  24. 902758400 (1)
  25. 1341849600
  26. 194969600
  27. 1274675200
  28. 172032000


If you like these cool phone backgrounds then don’t forget to like this post , we will be bringing more collection of cool phone backgrounds in our next posts soon . If you want to share so of your wallpapers with us , please provide a link to them in the comments below .

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