31 Amazing Long Exposure Wallpaper of Cities Around The World


Time lapse photography is a very complex and time consuming technique of taking amazing photographs . Coupled with the right timing and the right place , the photos captured through long exposures would be awe inspiring   .  For me Long exposure wallpapers have been one of the favorite themes for my desktop backgrounds . Here are my collection of 31 of the amazing and colorful long exposure wallpaper of cities across the world . You can download these amazing long exposure wallpapers from the sources besides the wallpaper descriptions   .

  1. Sunset in a city ( Source : Wallbase )
  2. City highway in Long exposure ( Source: Desktopnexus )1385242-1440x900-[DesktopNexus
  3. Awesome bridge in long exposure ( Source : Desktopnexus )1375949-1440x900-[DesktopNexus
  4. Ferris wheels and neon lights ( Source: Wallpaperup )413c82779b0c06187b84565ce8e3dc14
  5. Hong Kong night view city ( Source: Wallpaperbod )Hong-Kong-Night-View-City-
  6. Amazing Flyovers (Source: Wallbase )cityscapes-long-exposure-485x728
  7. Elizabeth tower in long exposure ( Source: Desktopnexus )1305717-1440x900-[DesktopNexus
  8. Chicago winter ice long exposure ( Source: Wallpaperup )e45401f916bf49aafda87b163520017b
  9. Highway lights into Atlanta ( Source : Desktopnexus )1273057-1440x900-[DesktopNexus
  10. Multi color Dubai skyscrapers in long exposure ( Source : Foundwalls )multicolor-dubai-skyscrapers-long-exposure-485x728
  11. Beautiful city lights at night ( Source: Desktopnexus )beautiful-city-lights-at-night-320551
  12. Auckland city architecture freeway roads time lapse ( Source : Wallpaperup )wallpaper-297236
  13. Nyc city lights in long exposure ( Source: Desktopnexus )nyc-street-lights-in-long-exposure-310077
  14. Turkey city lights long exposure ( Source: HQdesktop )turkey_photographers_city_lights_long_exposure_istanbul_mosque_1440x900_44860
  15. The Sun’s last orange light disappearing on the horizon behind a harbor by a road ( Source: Wallpaperdreams )the_suns_last_orange_light_disappearing_on_the_horizon_behind_a_harbour_by_a_road.1920x1080
  16. LA at night ( Source: Desktopnexus )700111-1440x900-[DesktopNexus
  17. 7th ave approaching times square ( Source : Desktopnexus )7th-ave-approaching-times-square-hdr-108979
  18. Taipei city lights reflection on a river ( Source: Wallpaperup )607e1cde1088d84d57b9c671775a8068
  19. City from south bank ( Source: Mrchuang – Deviantart )City_From_Southbank_by_MrChuang
  20. Shanghai highway timelapse at night ( Source: Wallpaperup 79a09126d2f614c067cb824eb5729d89
  21. Sky-view of Finland’s roads in winter ( Source: Wallpaperup )83d8d80556f21cf68821eb09e0a14b94
  22. City bridge at night long exposure ( Source: Onlyhdwallpapers )cityscapes_bridges_urban_long_exposure_desktop_1920x1080_hd-wallpaper-1192281-(1)
  23. Cityscapes bridges urban long exposure ( Source: Onlyhdwallpapers )1397444-1440x900-[DesktopNexus
  24. Elizabeth tower ( Source : Desktopnexus )1442518-1440x900-[DesktopNexus
  25. Wonderful London landmark in long exposure ( Source : Desktopnexus )1398287-1440x900-[DesktopNexus
  26. Citynight ( Source: Biffexploder – Deviantart )City_Night_by_biffexploder
  27. Beautiful city waterfront at night ( Source: Desktopnexus )beautiful-city-waterfront-at-night-hdr-323829
  28. Amazing city skyline at sunset ( Source: Wallbase )
  29. Amazing time lapse over city bridge ( Source: wallbase )wallpaper-3106
  30.  New York Broadway streets after rain ( Source: Desktopwallpaper2 )wallgc
  31. Dresden Germany city roads long exposure ( Source: Wallpaperup )0e7d5332f71f8a263d52ac7f872ecf9d

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