27 Best Windows 8 Themes for your Desktop


Windows 8 has a lot of customization features that allow you to change the overall look of your windows 8 desktop. But customizing the desktop manually can take a lot of time. Well you don’t have to customize your windows 8 desktop, rather you can download custom windows 8 themes and use them on your windows 8 PC.

Most of these windows 8 themes are created by talented artists who make these themes available as a free download for everyone. But like most windows programs, windows 8 themes downloaded from un-trusted sites might contain malware. So it is always advisable to download windows 8 themes from trusted and reputed.

Apart from a few theme provided by Microsoft, Windows 8 does not allow the installation of any other custom user created themes. However there is workaround to install user created windows 8 themes. All you need to use is a free program call UXthemePatcher, which basically patches a few windows 8 system files and then you can browse though thousands of free windows 8 themes online and install them on your windows 8 PC .

To save your precious  time, We have collected a bunch of amazing windows 8 themes for our readers. Check out our collection of the 27 of the best and free windows 8 themes for your desktop below. You can browse through the collection of our selected windows 8 themes below and install them on your PC . All of these themes are from Deviantart.com , which is a very reputed community of artists . You can download any of these theme you like and install them on your windows 8 PC .

How to install windows 8 themes in your PC 

By default windows 8 does not allow users to modify its settings and install custom windows 8 themes . That restriction can be bypassed by using a free program called UltraUXthemePatcher . Download the program from the given link , install it on your windows 8 PC and when the installation completes restart your PC .

Once you have installed the program you can then use any custom Windows 8 themes on your PC . Just download any custom windows 8 themes  and copy it over to this directory in your windows PC :


Note: You might have to follow a few additional instructions to install some of these themes . Check the description of the themes  for any addition instructions .

ultrauxthemepatcher _ install windows 8 thems

27 Best and free windows 8 themes for your PC

  1. Space Blueberries by Neiio ( Download )space_blueberries_4_8_by_neiio-d5lhwqz
  2. Snow Leopard glass by Sagorpbd ( Download )snow_leopard_glass_for_win_8_by_sagorpirbd-d6ff5xe
  3. Incomplete VS by sinopt ( Download )incomplete_vs_for_windows_8_rtm_by_sinopt-d5enog8
  4. Alduin Windows 8 themes  by charleston2378 ( Download )alduin_w8_port__by_charleston2378-d5l188f
  5. Aerodesign Windows 8 themes by LiveorDieTM ( Download )aerobydesign_for_windows_8_by_liveordietm-d5i5uz0
  6. Gray8 by gsw953onda ( Download )gray8_final_by_gsw953onda-d5navyx
  7. Base by link6155 ( Download )base_for_windows_8_by_link6155-d5xf3on
  8. Holo visual style Windows 8 themes by bhast2 ( Download )holo_visual_style_prefinal_paid_and_free_win_8_by_bhast2-d5h3ifx
  9. Abisso  by ezio ( Download )abisso__dark_visual_style_windows_8____update_8_by_ezio-d5u476a
  10. Twentythirteen by sand-and-mercury ( Download )twentythirteen_for_windows_8_rtm_1_03_by_sand_and_mercury-d5gbe8a
  11. Glow Windows 8 themes by seahorsepip ( Download )whitedior_visual_style_for_windows_8_by_ridkurn-d5zbau7
  12. Simplex RC by link6155 ( Download )simplex_rc_for_windows_8_by_link6155-d5vdkpf
  13. Gnommit dark windows 8 themes by neiio ( Download )gnomnit_dark_for_windows_8_by_neiio-d69s4mz
  14. WhiteDior by ridkurn ( Download )glow_by_seahorsepip-d5eogzp
  15. duMBaSS Windows 8 themes by neiio ( Download )
  16. Elune by neiio ( Download )elune_for_windows_8_by_neiio-d6a67ig
  17. 8look V3.1 VS by carborunda ( Download )8look_v3_1_vs_for_windows_8_by_carborunda-d5t0yjk
  18. Ourea windows 8 themes by neiio ( Download )ourea_by_neiio-d5metgo
  19. Win 8 thrives by neiio ( Download )win_8___thrives_by_neiio-d65mh5x
  20. Work by neiio  ( Download )work_for_windows_8_by_neiio-d5kunrs
  21. Snowy Windows 8 themes  by carborunda ( Download )snowy_v3_0_for_windows_8_by_carborunda-d60obos
  22. Embedded by bhast2 ( Download )embedded_beta_for_windows_8_by_bhast2-d53tc5k
  23. Apodio by s4r1n994n(  Download )apodio_by_s4r1n994n-d5yghgu
  24. Aero Windows 8 themes by xxinightxx ( Download )aero_8_by_xxinightxx-d5so8o8
  25. Nimbus by neiio ( Download )nimbus_for_win_8_by_neiio-d683sx6
  26. Dark8 windows 8 themes by gr8stylex ( Download )











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