100+ Beautiful Dual Monitor Backgrounds and Wallpapers for your Desktop


While most of us may be satisfied with just one monitor , For most techies one monitor is not just enough. The more they have the faster their work gets done  and they do have something to brag about . Dual monitor setup or two monitor setup are increasingly becoming  popular these days . Not just in offices , but also among  gamers as games are starting to support for dual , triple and even six...

40+ Psychedelic and Trippy Backgrounds for your desktop


Here is our collection of 40+ Psychedelic and trippy backgrounds for your desktop . These trippy backgrounds are based on optical illusions and indiscriminate patterns which can help to bring fresh and creative inspirations . Trippy backgrounds can be very easily differentiated from normal backgrounds with their distinctive patterns and use of colors . Not a lot of people prefer trippy...

30+ Cool Phone Backgrounds for your Android Phone [ September 2013 ]


A wallpaper a day keeps your phone fresh and your mood happy , that’s what i believe in . Customizing your phone helps you to give your phone a unique look and a unique personality too . Studies have revealed that the way we customize our phone , tells a lot about our personalities . If you love customizing your phone , then you will love our collection of 30+ cool phone backgrounds today ...

27 Best Windows 8 Themes for your Desktop


Windows 8 has a lot of customization features that allow you to change the overall look of your windows 8 desktop. But customizing the desktop manually can take a lot of time. Well you don’t have to customize your windows 8 desktop, rather you can download custom windows 8 themes and use them on your windows 8 PC. Most of these windows 8 themes are created by talented artists who make these...

31 Amazing Long Exposure Wallpaper of Cities Around The World


Time lapse photography is a very complex and time consuming technique of taking amazing photographs . Coupled with the right timing and the right place , the photos captured through long exposures would be awe inspiring   .  For me Long exposure wallpapers have been one of the favorite themes for my desktop backgrounds . Here are my collection of 31 of the amazing and colorful long exposure...

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