11 Tips To Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life


11 tips to increase tour laptop battery life

Like all other devices , laptops batteries also degrade with use  . There are many factors which are responsible for the decrease of your laptop’s battery life .  But with the right use and proper care laptops can deliver extended battery life . We have 10 of the best tips that really help to extend your laptops battery life .

11 Tips To Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life


1. Lower your screen brightness

Depending upon the working environment , always change the brightness of your laptop’s screen . If you have a Laptops without LED screen , reducing the backlight also helps to save a lot of power .

2. Disable programs running in the background

Windows has many background processes running without the users knowledge . Even many programs installed by the user are enabled to run automatically on the startup . disabling these programs from the task manager will decrease the system resource usage of your laptop and help extend its battery life . When possible always try to run one program in an instance .

3. Remove external devices

External devices like USB flash drives or external CD drives consume a lot of power from your battery . disconnecting the devices when they are not in use stops drainage of power from your laptops battery and extends its life .

4. Don’t use the CD drive

Optical disk drives consume a lot of power . these drives spin and waste power even when the drive is not in use . Use Daemon tools lite , a free application that converts your CD’s and DVD’s into ISO images that can be stored on your hard disk or accessed via virtual drives. When you some data stored on a optical disk , make a image of the disk through daemon tools lite and eject the disk , minimising the use of the optical drive helps to extend a laptop’s battery life .

5. Defragment your Hard disk

A hard disk which is not defragmented regularly tends to spin more to access data . Defragmenting a hard disk regularly ensures that your hard disk has to spin less , which in turn extends your laptops battery life .

6. Take care of your battery

Batteries require a lot of maintenance . follow these simple trick to extend the battery life . Do not ever leave your battery on charge for a long period of time or work on it while its charging  , this will affect the battery’s life negatively . Batteries leak charge if they are left idle so it is advised to regularly use your laptop once it is charged .

7. Use standby instead of hibernate

Whenever you pause from your work , always put the laptop into hibernate  instead of standby . Standby mode keeps on draining your laptops battery . People mostly don’t know the difference between these two modes and end up to use standby which helps to continue their work instantly . Avoiding the standby mode extends the laptops battery life .

8. Lower graphic usage

Play graphic intensive games can drain a lot of power within a short period of time . try playing games on the lowest setting to maximize your laptop’s battery life .

9. Turn down the volume

Do not use play music through laptop speakers frequently . Invest in a headphone or a earphone . This helps to extend its the battery life .

10. Disable WiFi and Bluetooth when not needed

WiFi and Bluetooth drain too much power from a battery . To extend your laptop’s battery life these features must be always disable when not in use .

11. Avoid extreme temperature

Batteries perform the best in a cool environment and Extreme temperatures have serious effects on a battery’s life .Under load batteries tend to dissipate more amount of heat . To counter these  , always try to use a laptop under a fan . Additionally you can use a portable laptop cooling pad to dissipate the heat released inside the laptop and the battery . A portable laptop cooling pad is a must have which helps to a lot to extend yits battery life .

Tthese are the basics to extend a laptops battery life but are very effective . we will be discussing about advanced tips to extend a laptops battery life in our next article . If you liked this post then do share your comments and share us with your friends .

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