How To Secure your Modem and Router From Hackers


After getting a new broadband connection, you should immediate change your login details to secure it from getting into the wrong hands. But what most of us are unaware of is, even after changing your login details, the chances of your account details getting compromised is actually same as before  .

While the login details will be safe with you, hackers staying miles away from you can easily access your router’s information and steal your login details. After which they might use your account for excessive downloads and you might have to pay for the bill for it. If you are facing a similar problem and your internet bill shows excessive bandwidth usage than used by you. It can be a sign that your ISP’s login details are compromised . You should immediately contact your ISP and follow the instruction given below .
Usually the login details of your internet connection are stored in your router configuration. Every router comes with a default username and password to access its settings and configure it. To access your routers configuration, type ” “ into your web browsers URL address and press enter . You should see a similar popup as below, which will prompt you to enter the username and password for your router.

router login page

The default username should be “admin” and password “password” for most router , If it doesn’t work then visit and select your routers company and model to view the username and password.

change router login

If you successfully get into your routers configuration page , click on maintenance and  then on administration ( This might differ for different router). you can change your router’s default password on this page. It is advisable to keep an alphanumeric password and note it down in a safe place for future  reference incase you forget the login details of your router .
Now your router is safe from intruders and hackers. There have been several instances in India,  where many people had their ISP’s login details compromised and used by others to download a large amount of data . Resulting in  bills amounting to 1lakh rupees  and even higher. If you are reading this post then please share this information with your friends and neighbors and create awareness about this issue .
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