$16,000 is up for Grab , Can you Hack the iPhone 5S’s Touch ID ?


Yes ,Can you hack the iPhone 5S’s Touch ID ? There is a hefty $16,000 bounty up for grab for the Someone who can hack the iPhone 5S’s Touch ID . If you think you have what it takes to be the first person to hack the Touch ID on the iPhone 5S then Head over to istouchidhackedyet.com .


This contest was was started just a day back by Nick DePetrillo’s who has gathered more than $16,000 just by cash and bitcoins donation and several bottles of wine and other items . What started from a merely few hundred dollars , amazed people by surprise when venture capitalist firm IOCapital boosted up the bounty by pledging to contribute a whopping $10,000 . Currently the bounty is around $16000 and steadily increasing .

Here is DePetrillo’s tweet :

You can contribute to this contest using the hashtag #istouchidhackedyet . Go ahead and spread the word among your freinds .

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