5 Reasons why the iPhone 5S’s Fingerprint Scanner will Fail


As usual Apple has been able to create a lot of hype about its recently unveiled Apple iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C . No doubt Apple has been able to design and create another successful iPhone similar to the previous iPhone 4S in terms of features and innovation . The feature that has been able to garner most of the attraction is the new Fingerprint scanner on the Apple iPhone 5S .
Apple is not the first to introduce this on a phone but still it has managed to make it mainstream . Its not been a complete week since the launch of the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S but people and security analysts have already started to question about the Fingerprint scanner technology on the iPhone 5S . Well here are the 5 reasons why we think the Fingerprint scanner is going to be a fail . No hard feelings here , its just a personal opinion .

  • Reason  1: Apple has preferred to store the user’s fingerprint identification information on the iPhone 5S itself , which is a great thing taking into the fact that ,everything online today is very much prone to cyber attacks . But this again seems to be a very bad idea itself . Read out the next paragraph to know why .

If apple would had gone with storing the fingerprint identifications details on the cloud , Keeping the popularity of iPhone users in the world , Apple would have access to the worlds largest database of fingerprint ID’s and as luring it is to every cyber criminal , all of them would have tried its best to get their hand on it .

  • Reason 2: Needless to say , The hacker community has a strong unliking towards apple . Its not even a week and hackers have already started their attempts at cracking the Fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S . A bunch of hackers have come together and launched an online contest being crowd funded by hackers all over the world . The catch hers is a bounty of $16,000 currently , which is supposed to increase as more people contribute towards it . Surely any hacker with the skills is definitely going o try this out and that is not a good thing for the Apple iPhone 5S . You can track the progess of the contest over here istouchidhackedyet.com .


If the hackers successfully manage to crack the iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner , then it will be a huge drawback for the biometric industry . People will lose faith in the fingerprint scanner technology and it might take years again to make the fingerprint scanner public again .

  • Reason 3: Apple is all about creating Hype , it is taking advantages of the fear inside most people . Nobody wants to get their private data stolen and accessed by other .and that’s one of the main reasons why people are going to spend on the iPhone 5S . As time passes and if by any chance the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S gets cracked , then eventually the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S will lose its hype .
  • Reason 4:  The Apple iPhone 5S has a very sensitive Fingerprint scanner , IF in any case the owners fingers gets burns or any kind of mutilation . The fingerprint scanner on the Apple iPhone 5S will fail to recognize your fingers and you will have to wait till your fingers recover properly to be able to use the fingerprint scanner once again .
  • Reason 5: The fingerprint scanner on the Apple iPhone 5 is very sensitive to dirt and moisture , Moisture and dirt on your fingers will confuse the iPhone 5S’s Fingerprint scanner . So it will be compulsory to have your fingers moisture and dirt free every time you want to use the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S .

If we take into the previous trend of iPhone’s getting cracked , Sooner or later hackers have definitely been one step ahead of apple every time . Just for your information , one hacker has already claimed to have successfully cracked the fingerprint scanners protection on the iPhone 5S and he has also made the demonstration of it in a video . You can watch the video demonstration below :

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  • I think you wrote the title to this article before you considered the points to consider because all in all this article is very weak.

    • Hi jack , i equally like both iOS and android . i just wrote this article just to point out the flaws in the touch id sensor . Imagine about a iPhone 5S user , he pays a premium price for the iPhone and yet he has to always worry about this phone touch id getting hacked . I mean apple should have thoroughly tested the touch id before releasing it .

  • You could have summed up multiple points with “The hacker community is trying to hack touch ID, and when it does, this might cause people to loose faith.” I don’t understand the point about Apple storing finger print data on the phone, where it’s most secure, rather than on Apple servers – surly the way they’re doing it is much better?

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