How to Change your Adsense Account’s Payee Name in India


If you are living in any of the following countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tunisia, United Arab, Emirates, Vietnam, Yemen.

You will have a tough time changing your Adsense account’s payee name. Adsense doesn’t have any problem with changing your Adsense account’s payee name, but in counties specified above, Adsense is bound by government restrictions due to which they won’t change your payee name.

However if you have email support enabled in your Adsense account, you can persuade Adsense customer support to rectify your payee name or even change it to someone else’s name in your family.I am from India and very recently i had my Adsense account’s payee name changed to my surprise the entire process took just two days. For those who need to change their Adsense account’s payee name or transfer it to a family member, here’s how you can do so.

As i said before you will need to have email support enabled in your Adsense account, otherwise you won’t be able to contact Adsense customer support. As far as i know Adsense customer support are the only one who can make changes to your payee name. Additionally, you also need to know that email support is a feature which only gets enabled if you are earning more than $25 per week and that too on a consistent basis. If you have email support enabled in your Adsense account you can read further.

Adsense strictly prohibits its publishers from selling or trading their Adsense accounts, however you are allowed transfer your Adsense account to a family member as long as you have a valid reason.

Once you have a valid reason, next you will have to provide government id proofs for both you and your family member in whose name you want to change your Adsense account payee name. The government ID proof should clearly state the same residential address for both of you. As long as your family members have the same residential address as yours, you can get your Adsense accounts payee name changed to any of your family members.

Finally you will need to email Adsense customer support with a valid reason for changing your Adsense account’s payee name. Here’s how the mail should look like.


I want to change my Adsense account’s payee name from [ your name ] to [ son / daughter/ wife’s name ] for the following reason.

(a) – State your reason here –
My publisher ID:
Current payee name:



Your name

Now compose an email based on the above format and send it to Adsense customer support via email support from your Adsense account. Now if Adsense customer support finds your reason convincing, you should get a reply from them within 24 hours with a request for scanned copies of government ID proof for both you and your family member.

Now you will have to reply to the mail with the required government ID proof and wait for another 24 hours and finally you shall have your Adsense account payee name changed.

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