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Google search is the primary search engine for a majority of the internet users. The search engine is very good at what it does, however it’s not limited to just searching information from you.
Apart from the search feature, Google search can also be used for a plethora of other functions such as a calculator, currency converter, dictionary and a lot more. While most of you might already be aware of these, but how many of you knew that Google search can also be used to find the current IP address of your PC?
There’s no need of using services such as or others, whenever you want to find out the IP address of your PC, laptop, cell phone or any other device which is connected to the internet, you can use the following trick.

How to Find out your IP Address with Google Search

Here’s how you can use Google search to find out your IP address.

  • Step 1: Head over to
  • Step 2: Type in “ IP “ without the quotes and press enter.

There you go, Google search will show you the current IP address of the device from which you are accessing the internet.

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