How to Get Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush


Most games are very addictive but at the same time they help us to quickly pass the time when we get bored. One of such games is Candy crush, the game is very simple and it lacks elements such as great graphics or impressive storyline, but the gameplay on the other hand is something that can get you hooked onto the game for hours.
However unlike most other games, candy crush restricts the player with limited lives and with every puzzle you play, you lose one live. These lives are generated automatically within a duration of 20 minutes. If you end up use all the lives, you will have to wait for another 20 minutes until another live point is generated and you can use that live point to solve another puzzle.
As i said before, games are a quick way to pass our time when we are bored and what good is a game which can’t keep us entertained when we are bored?. You can ask your Facebook friends for more lives, but why bother others when you can get additional lives in Candy crush for free with a simple trick.
Fortunately, there an easy workaround to get unlimited lives on candy crush. All you need to do is change your phone’s time to a few hours ahead and instantly you will be able to get a few extra lives.
You can use these lives to continue playing candy crush and if you run out of lives once again, simply change the time over again. This way you will be able to get unlimited lives in Candy Crush without having to wait for hours.
Also don’t forget to change the time when you’ve completed playing Candy Crush to your hearts content. This trick is same for all versions of candy crush regardless of what operating system it is running on. You can use this trick on any Android, iOS or other phones which can run candy crush.

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