How to Track a Lost or Stolen Android Phone


Cell phones being small and portable can be easily lost or stolen. Adding to that, the ever increasing prices of smartphones lures thieves more than anything. Getting a phone lost or stolen is something that nobody would ever want to happen with them, but yet most people don’t care to take a simple preventive measure such as to install a tracking app on their phone to track their phone if it ever gets lost or stolen.
The Android OS comes with an inbuilt phone tracking feature with the Android device manager app. However it needs to pre activated like all the other phone tracking apps available for android.
Once you lose your phone or its gets stolen, your private date is also at the risk of being stolen too. In such a situation, a strong password to unlock your phone may prevent other from accessing the data on it, however if the thief is tech savvy, he might go ahead and use his knowledge to easily access your data and even sell the phone.
Fortunately, there is still one thing that you can do to track your lost or stolen android phone if you don’t have any tracking app installed on it. If your phone is still connected with your Google account, you can remotely install an phone tracking software on it known as Androidlost and take its help to locate your lost or stolen android phone.
Androidlost is an free android app that allows you to remotely control and track your android phone via the internet or SMS. The best thing about this app is it can be installed and activated remotely though SMS commands. this feature gives it an edge over all the other phone tracking apps available for android right now.
Using Androidlost is very easy, simply install the Androidlost on your phone and then activate it by sending an sms command from another phone. Once the sms message is received on your phone, Androidlost will be activated automatically and then you can head over to and track your lost or stolen android phone.
Here’s a detailed guide on using Androidost to track your lost or stolen android phone.
Note: This app requires your phone to be connected to the internet and also your phone’s SIM card should not have been removed from your phone, otherwise this app wont be able to help you with tracking and locating your lost or stolen android phone.

Track your Lost Android Phone with Androidlost

  • Step 1: Install the Androidlost app remotely from the Google play store.
  • Step 2: Head over to and sign in with the Google account that your phone is connected with.


  • Step 3: Allow Androidlost to connect with your Google account.


  • Step 4: Click on the SMS tab, under SMS allow, type in the number of the phone from which you are going to send the SMS command to activate Androidlost on your phone and click on Allow.


  • Step 5: Now send an SMS to your phone number with the following message command: androidlost register

Wait for a minute and then proceed ahead.

  • Step 6: Click on the Controls tab, enable Auto switch on GPS if deactivated under location settings and click on Send location. 

Now you will have to wait until your phone is online and once it comes online, you will be able to see the location of your phone on a map.

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