How To Install Custom Fonts on an Android Phone


As Google describes it,  Android is a very open Operating system and it is in fact a main reason why most developers prefer Android as a favorite platform to develop their new apps. But if you have been using a Android phones for a long time, you might already have faced the bitter truth that despite being an open operating system, android lacks a simple feature as installing new fonts on your phone .

Excluding a few Samsung smartphones, which can download and install fonts from the play store, most other Android phones require rooted in order to install any custom new fonts .

Currently the only way you can install fonts on your android phone is by rooting it. So if you really want to install any custom fonts on your non rooted Android phone, then you either need to have a Samsung Android phone or get your android phone rooted .


So if you have a Rooted android phone, you can read ahead and find out how you can install custom fonts on it. There are many methods by which you can install Custom fonts on your Rooted android phone, but most of these methods will require you to modify the system files on your Android phone, Which is something i would strictly advise against. So instead, i have decided to show you the easiest and safest method to install any custom font on any rooted android phones. ( Some Samsung phones don’t require to be rooted to install custom fonts )

MyFont is an free app from the Google play store using which you can easily install any custom fonts on your Rooted Android phone. The app has a large database of free fonts which can be download from within the app itself and installed on your phone, alternatively you can even download any .ttf ( TrueType ) fonts and copy then inside the “ Zitiguanjia “  folder in your Phone’s memory, after which they will be available to install from the App.

How to Install Custom Fonts on your Android Phone

There are two method by which you can install any custom font on your Android phone using the MyFonts app . which are :

Method 1: Downloading and installing fonts within the MyFont app . ( Works only with Non-rooted Samsung Android Phones )

Method 2:  Downloading and Copying True-type ( .ttf ) fonts from your PC to your phone ( Works with all Rooted Android phones )

Instructions to install Custom Fonts on your Android Phone :

Method 1:  Downloading and installing fonts within the MyFont app .

Note: This method only works for Non Rooted Samsung Android phones . You should not try this with any other non rooted android phones apart from Samsung’s . If you have a Rooted phone then skip to the second method.

  • Step 1: Download and install the Myfonts app .
  • Step 2: Inside the Myfonts app you can browse through a large collection of free fonts and Select any font which you like and tap on Download to download the font to your phone .


  • Step 3: After the font is downloaded , tap on use and select the Package manager to install it on your phone.

install-custom-font-on-android-using-package-manager  Myfonts-app-android-

  • Step 4: After the Font is installed navigate to Settings>Device>Display>Font>Font style ( Might differ for different phones ) .  Tap on Font style and you can see your new font added to the list of existing fonts . Select your new font and tap on yes to set it as your Phone’s new font .


Method 2:  Downloading and Copying True-type ( .ttf ) fonts from your PC to your phone .

  • Step 1: Connect your phone to your PC and Copy all the fonts ( .ttf ) from your PC to the “ Zitiguanjia “ folder inside your phone’s memory .


  • Step 3: Open the MyFont app and tap on the Custom tab , Now you can see all the fonts that you have copied to your Phone. Tap on the desired font and click when prompted to install it. Now simply restart you phone to install the selected font. For example i am selecting the CabinCondensed font .


  • Step 4: After you restart your phone , the default font on your phone will be replaced by the font you just installed and the current font will not be displayed in your Android phone’s font settings .


Note: If you want to revert back to the default font in your phone , then you can go into your android Phone’s font settings and select your factory font .

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