Is there a way for an online Casino site to Manipulate the Slots RTP?


Gambling in all its forms regularly comes under scrutiny when fairness is discussed. Punters know that gambling can be risky, but they need a guarantee that they are investing in a gambling brand that offers an environment that is free of result manipulation. It is hard to prove that an online slot site is running an honest establishment, but players that love to play slot games online have to put their faith in the UK Gambling Commission and other bodies who are supposed to exist to protect the punter from dishonest casino practices. 

Whether these organisations do enough to protect customers is up for debate and many gamblers feel that the UK Gambling Commission can do more to create a fairer playing field for customers. However, the general belief in the gambling industry is that if an online casino brand has been granted a license by the UK Gambling Commission, then it has met all the criteria set out by the commission. It also means that the casino in question offers fair slot games that have been tested by the commission itself.

Slot Guides 

Online slots have developed into complex and sophisticated games that have come a long way from the 3-reel fruit machines of the past. These slots have produced their own terms and some of these, act as guides to what you can expect from a slot game. Any seasoned slot player will be familiar with RTP, RNG, and high/low volatility. The RTP or Return to Player percentage is one of the most important elements of slot games and the percentage score can be the difference between winning and losing. Volatility is linked to the RTP, whilst the RNG simply refers to the Random Number Generator microchip the produces every virtual slot spin. 

RTP and Casinos 

Generally, online slots have higher RTP scores than land-based ones and this is because online casinos have fewer overheads to pay and can afford to be a little more generous. It is easier for brick-and-mortar establishments to alter the RTP score within a slot because they have access to a physical machine. Land-based casinos can change RTP scores slightly without breaking the law.

Online slot sites can order different versions of the same game from developers, and each one can have slightly differing RTP scores. Ultimately, it is the slot game creators who set the RTP percentages, so in essence, online casinos cannot manipulate the RTP score of games directly. They can however choose the version of the same game with the highest or the lowest RTP score. Online slot casinos are also far more transparent about the RTP scores of all their games. It is much tougher finding out the RTP score of slots at land-based casinos. 

Final Thoughts 

RTP manipulation is not possible online, but it is possible at land-based casinos and even this is considered not to be against the rules. In general, online casinos are more likely to have the high RTP version of games because they have fewer overheads to pay.

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