11 Photography Tips to take Better Photos with your Phone’s Camera


11 Photography Tips : The environment around us is full of subjects that will inspire us to click . Whether it is the inside of a house or outside , there is never a shortage of subjects for your next photograph . We Firmly believe that everybody is an artist with different natural talents . If we assign two random people with a task of taking the photograph of a same subject , both of them will capture photographs that won’t be similar to each others , even if they have a same subject in common .

Photography is essentially an art , and as it is always with any art form , the beauty of an artist’s work always depends on his skills . Here we are focusing on the word “skill” because , everybody is capable of learning photography and all it takes is the right knowledge and a lot of patience .

A few years back using a camera was very simple , all you needed to do was click the photograph would be captured . Today taking a photograph is not just limited by a single click . Nowadays Phone’s are equipped with features and functions that are very similar to those of a Digital camera’s . If you are trying to take beautiful photos using your phone’s camera , then you need to be well versed with all its features and functions beforehand .

We have compiled 11 photography tips , which according to us will help everyone to take beautiful photos . Follow these simple Photography tips and take your next steps towards being a better photographer .

Photography tip #1 : Forget the Digital zoom

Digital Zoom is a bane for smart phone photography . There is an huge difference between digital and optical zoom . Optical zoom uses focusing of the lens to zoom into a subject and take a photograph . Whereas in digital zoom , your phone simply enlarges the photograph , thus resulting in a pixelated image when you view it on a PC .

Never use the Digital zoom on your phone . If you need to zoom into an subject , always take the photograph without zoom and crop it later on your PC .


Photography tip #2 : Follow the Rules of Photography ( Break them later )

If you want to take some beautiful photographs like a professional , then you must learn about the rules of composition , for example the Rules of thirds . these rules of compositions are very simple , for example the rule of third , divides your camera screen into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines . This is the reason why every phone camera has an option for a grid overlay . Whenever you take a photograph always keep your subjects on the intersection of these lines or along them  . There are more rules of photography . Find out more about the different Rules of photography .

Rules are always meant to be broken , well most professional photographs do this and the results are very creative . So always try experimenting taking photographs from various angles .


Photography tip #3 : Get closer to your Subject and Focus

The main problem with smart phone cameras is that , because of the camera’s small screen . we can have difficulties estimating the actual output of an photograph . If you want to capture detailed photograph of a subject, then always move closer to the subject and focus on the main details you want to capture . Don’t just simple click any photographs , always focus on a subject and capture the photograph .

Photography tip #4 : Change ISO according to daylight or night

As i said earlier , smartphone cameras today are equipped with similar features like those of a digital camera . ISO settings are a common feature among both android and iOS phones today . Knowledge of the different ISO settings will enable you to capture better photos . For example when you are taking photos at night , using a Higher ISO setting will enable your phone’s camera to suck in more light and your photographs will be more illuminated . But there is a drawback too , with higher ISO your photographs might get more pixellated .


Photography tip #5 : Use different angles

Use different angles to take photographs , combining different angles with the rules of composition will supre productive creative photographs . So get down , bend aside , crouch and get clicking .


Photography tip #6 : Don’t use filters

If you want to take photographs that people will appreciate and value then ditch the filters and use softwares to optimize the brightness , levels , colors .. etc , of your photographs . There are a lot of free photo editing apps on the Google play store and the iOS app store . install and use 0one of them . If you’re using an Android phone then i would recommend your Pixlr express for editing your photos . For the best results use Photoshop or any other similar programs to edit your photographs on your PC .

Photography tip #7 : Ditch the Flash

We all have experienced and we hate how flash destroys all our lovely moments . There is no alternative to flash on a smart phone camera , but the least you can do is shoot photographs in a well lit environment .

Photography tip #8 : Keep your Smart Phone’s lens clean

Keeping your Camera’s lens covering clean is very important . Since smartphone cameras are smaller than digital or DSLR cameras , tiny specks of dust will often appear as a large colored patch on your photographs  . Do not use your breath to clean up the lens covering of your phone’s camera , as our vapors from our breath are acidic in nature and might damage your phone’s lens cover in the longer run .

Cleaning your smart phone camera lens with cotton regularly will get the job done .  Moreover don’t forget to clean your Phone’s back cover from inside out , as dust particles may get stuck from inside of your smart phone’s lens covering .

Photography tip #9 : Print your favorite photos

This is what most hobbyist photographer tend to ignore . If you do care at being a good photographer always print the best of your photographs and archive them . In this digital age most people have forgotten the print media or they ignore it . You need to keep a fact in mind that  Digital storage media’s can crash or get corrupted at any time , so your photographs when printed have a better chance of archiving for a longer than on digital media .

Photography tip #10 : Don’t delete bad photos

Photography is a constant process of learning . The more mistakes you do , the more are your chances of learning quickly . people always compare their old photographs with newer ones and if the find the old ones bad looking they delete them . This is something that should be avoided . Always keep your old photographs with you , even if they seem to have a lot of mistakes . One day you can proudly show off your friends and relatives or even your grandchildren’s that how good have you become with your photography skills .

Photography tip #11 : Experiment with different features

Last but not the least keep on experimenting , as long as you keep on experimenting you will find out new ways that will keep fuelling your excitement for learning more things about photography and the quest will continue on .


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