Send Files from the Internet to your Android phone with Downiton.Mobi


Imagine you are browsing a website on your computer that has a lot of free eBooks for download and in case you prefer to read eBooks on your smartphone, how would you get these eBooks onto your phone?

The straight forward method would be to download the eBooks to your computer and then copy them over to your smartphone. But if that’s something you are doing regularly, then aren’t you wasting a lot of your time? when you can download the files to your smartphone without the need of any interaction.
Yes that’s possible, with the help of Downiton.Mobi, a free android app, you can easily instruct your android phone to download any kind of file from the internet and all that can be done just from the ease of your computer’s web browser. Simply enter the download link for a file from Downiton.Mobi’s web interface and the Downiton.Mobi app installed on your android phone will instantly download the file.
This way you would be relieved from unnecessarily downloading the file to your computer or even typing the exact link on your phones web browser. Downiton.Mobi automates the process of downloading files to your android phone without the need of any interaction, this is something that most of us would definitely find useful.
Here’s how you can use Downiton.Mobi to instruct your android phone to automatically download files from the internet without any interaction.

Send Files from the Internet to your Android phone with Downiton.Mobi

  • Step 1: First of all you will need to head over to Downiton.Mobi and register yourself. Once you are registered, install the Downiton.Mobi app from the Google play store.
  • Step 2: Once the app is installed, Sign in with your account details.


  • Step 3: Now head over to this page and log in with your Downiton.Mobi account details. Once you are logged in you should see the following interface.


  • Step 4: Paste the download link in the input box provided and select a device from the device drop down menu if you have the app installed on multiple devices. Finally click on the DWN IT ON MOBI button and the file will be downloaded on your android phone.


Like all downloads, the file’s download progress would be shown in your phone’s notification drawer.


By default all the files will be downloaded to the downloads folder in your phone’s internal memory and there is no option to select any other location. Additionally downloads will be disabled on a mobile network, you can easily enable it within the app.


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