Should you choose the new or the old version of a certain gambling app?


Nowadays, the majority of online betting operators have to do a lot of things to stay relevant in the iGaming industry. This explains why some platforms offer so many betting sections, unique promotions, and fantastic features that will make your gambling experience even more special.

Apart from the things mentioned above, some operators pay special attention to their apps’ design. Mobile betting is crucial for the future of online betting because people use their handheld devices to punt on different things.

As you probably know, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, which means that some people might not like how a given betting website looks. Consequently, some platforms have different design themes that their clients can choose from. Naturally, each version has its pros and cons, so let’s take a look at some of the things you have to consider when choosing one of the two options.

Some customers prefer using the older version of a given mobile app because it is more authentic

There are several reasons why some people prefer using the old version of a given mobile app, one of which is because of the authentic betting experience. You can find the old version of bet9ja app which is still used by many punters because it gives them access to the brand’s original app version. Needless to say, it contains all of the bells and whistles that made this gambling operator among the industry leaders.

One of the biggest problems if using an older version of a given mobile app is the design. Some people might not care about it, but others won’t be happy about the fact that their preferred mobile app does not look good. That’s why they prefer to use the newer versions.

In some cases, the older version of a given mobile app might run on more handheld devices

Since most gambling operators always try to use the latest technology features, their apps and mobile sites require good system specifications. Sadly, some users can’t comply with them, which is why they can’t have a proper mobile betting experience.

The good news is that punters who decide to use the old version of the bet9ja app on Betenemy won’t have to worry about this because it was designed several years ago. Thus, players should be able to use it even if they have older smartphones and tablets. This applies to any gambling operator whose app has two different versions.

The newer version will allow you to use all of the latest innovations

Despite some of the advantages of using an older version of a given mobile app, punters who want to take advantage of the latest innovations in the business should try out the newer versions. Since most brands work in conjunction with the best software suppliers, they always utilize the latest technology so that clients can have the best possible experience. Besides providing them with an app that never crashes, they also give them access to special mobile-exclusive features that are not available to regular users.

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