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Looking for the best free Temporary and Disposable Email Services online ?. We’ve got it covered for you. But before we go ahead, here’s brief description of what a Disposable email address is and the Pros and Cons of using a Disposable email address.

What is a Disposable Email address

Disposable email address, as the name suggests is an temporary or permanent email address that can be used to protect one’s identity while signing up with online services. The main uses of Disposable email addresses are to conceal one’s identity while registering for a discussion forum and not receive spam and promotional emails in one’s primary email address.
Unlike traditional email accounts, using disposable emails is plain simple. Simply head over to a free disposable email service and choose your email address. Then you can use the disposable email address to sign up with any service.

Pros and Cons of using a Disposable Email Address

But there are a few things you should need to know about disposable email services before you use it. So here is a brief list of the pros and cons of an Disposable email address
Pros of Disposable email address:

  1. Disposable email does not reveal your name, thus it keeps your information private.
  2. Many Disposable email addresses have a time limit. One the time limit has been crossed, the email and it’s content will self destruct. However some services allow the disposable email address to exist permanently.
  3. Disposable email address greatly help to reduce spam and promotional emails to your primary email address.
  4. You can always choose a unique alias for your email address and there is no need to set an password for it.
  5. Disposable email address allow you to be anonymous on the Internet.

Cons of Disposable email address:

  1. Permanent disposable emails can be accessed by others if they know the alias or if they can guess it.
  2. While you can use disposable email addresses to become anonymous on the internet, the disposable email service provider might record your ip address, this can be used to trace an disposable email address back to you.

Top 50 Disposable email address services.

Here is a list of the top 50 Disposable email address services.

  2. Temp-mail
  3. Getairmail
  4. Mailinator
  5. Throwawaymail
  7. YOPmail
  8. 10 Minute Mail
  9. FakeInbox
  10. MailDrop
  11. Fake Mail Generator
  12. Incognito Mail
  13. ThrowAwayMail
  15. YOPmail
  16. 10 Minute Mail
  17. FakeInbox
  18. MailDrop
  19. Fake Mail Generator
  20. Incognito Mail
  21. SpamGourmet
  22. Jetable
  23. Mailnesia
  24. Melt Mail
  25. Mailnesia
  26. Shark Lasers
  27. 33Mail
  28. Forward Cat
  29. Moakt Email
  30. Temp Email
  31. Mohmal
  32. TempMailer
  33. 20 Minute Mail
  34. Dead Address
  36. Crazy Mailing
  37. TempEMail
  39. TempSky
  40. Inbox Alias
  41. Hide My Ass!
  44. Mailsac
  45. TempInbox
  46. TrashMail
  47. TittBit
  48. MailDude
  49. EasyTrashMail
  52. One-Time.Email
  53. MyTempEmail

Now that you know about the top 50 disposable email address services. Go ahead and try them and let us know how these disposable email address services helped you out.

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