What Is the Best Antivirus for Windows 10?


An effective Windows 10 antivirus program will protect your device from harmful malware, phishing scams, and ransomware. Some of these antivirus programs even provide a firewall to reinforce the already existing ones in your computer.

The Importance of an Antivirus Program

To understand how an antivirus program is essential, we first need to understand what viruses do to your computer. Some of the damages associated with computer viruses include deleted files, formatted hard drives, frequent crashes, and being locked out of your computer. An antivirus program is necessary to:

  • Protect your computer against malware and viruses
  • Restrict unwanted ads and spam content
  • Keep your PC out of reach of hackers
  • Protect against phishing attacks and spyware
  • Limit access to unsafe websites
  • Keep your private data and passwords safe
  • Protect your PC from viruses on removable devices.

With all these benefits of an antivirus program, there is no telling of their importance in keeping your PC safe and avoiding headaches. We have analyzed some of the practical and pocket-friendly options that you can consider for your PC.


Kaspersky has produced impressive results in multiple third-party lab tests. The antivirus gives you protection against phishing emails and encrypted ransomware. The program also enables a browser extension that safeguards your device as you browse the internet. Moreover, the Kaspersky antivirus comes with a security scanner that checks loopholes in your Wi-Fi network. Recently, the company rolled out a new protection feature that detects and keeps away spyware programs.

The basic package costs $60 annually and protects a maximum of three Windows PCs or $80 for five PCs. Kaspersky ranks first in Windows 10 protection software.

Norton Plus

Some of the benefits that come with this suite’s basic plan include 2GB of online storage, backup software, and an unlimited password manager. The antivirus costs $60 annually and safeguards one Macbook and one PC.

The Norton 360 Standard, which is the next plan, offers you webcam protection, 10GB of online storage, and unlimited VPN. All these features cost $85 per year, although there are other more robust (and more pricey) options.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus offers web privacy, a file shredder, and a secure browser that is excellent for shopping and online banking. The antivirus also provides a VPN service, and there are parental controls involved. In addition, it is easy to use and safeguards your computer from rootkits and harmful malware. Bitdefender offers these services at $40 annually for one PC and $80 for ten devices.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

Founded by a Slovakian company, the ESET NOD32 is light, affordable, and effective. It also has a unique pricing structure that ensures you pay for only what you need without inflated prices. However, it does not come with a VPN or a firewall. Also, ESET NOD 32 does not come with a password manager for your computer.

McAfee Antivirus Plus

This antivirus is advantageous when you have multiple devices to protect. It protects machines running Windows, Android, or macOS. McAfee Antivirus Plus can protect up to 10 devices and comes with a ransomware rollback, a file shredder, and a firewall. The program also allows being added to your browser to keep you safe on the internet. However, the antivirus causes the system to lag during malware scans.

Final Thoughts

A good antivirus program should keep you safe while doing your things on the internet, such as playing free online solitaire. It should also protect your data and eliminate any possible threats. In addition, a good solution should block any unauthorized access to your device and should not slow down your device. Moreover, all these features should be available at a friendly price.

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