Why should you use the mobile version of an online sportsbook or a casino instead of its application?


Everyone who wants to bet without using a computer can do that via a smartphone or tablet. Both devices have their pros and cons, but they will allow you to have fun even if you are on the go. Nowadays, there are two things that you can use to play casino games and bet on sports – a mobile app and a mobile website. Even though most users want to get the app, the mobile website has a lot of advantages over its competitor. Hence, it is often the preferred option for many punters.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the benefits of using a mobile site and why so many people want to give it a shot. Hopefully, this will help you decide which is the best option for you.

The mobile website can be used on more devices

The first reason why the mobile website is the better option for bettors is that it gives them the chance to punt on all sorts of devices. Users who decide to go to Silentbet and get the latest mobile version of BoyleSports, which is compatible with the most modern smartphones, will see that they also have the chance to use their tablets and pretty much any other handheld device with a browser. That’s because the mobile site does not require you to download and install any files.

If you wish to test it, choose your preferred mobile browser and open the betting operator’s mobile site. Unlike the app for Android and iOS, every online bookmaker and casino has a working mobile website that does not require any installation.

You can use the website of a given betting brand without worrying about your storage space

Since you can use every browser to access the mobile version of BoyleSports once you go to Silentbet, there is no need to download the mobile app. Besides saving yourself a lot of time, the mobile site won’t use any storage on your smartphone or tablet. While it is true that some gambling applications are only a few MBs, the top betting apps could quickly grow in size after downloading the recent updates. Consequently, you could have problems with your device’s storage space, which will affect everything else. As you probably know, most modern smartphones and tablets do not have a memory card slot.

Some mobile betting apps for Android and iOS are not as “advanced” as their mobile site alternatives

It might be hard to believe, but some gambling operators know that most of their clients prefer using the mobile website instead of the app. As a result, these companies often create special updates for the mobile sites that are not available on the apps. They include things like new features, mobile-exclusive promotions, different payment options, and more.

Speaking of updates, bettors who prefer the mobile website don’t have to go through installing the latest changes. The gambling operator will do that for them.

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