How To Check your iPhone’s Data Usage and Stop Data Hungry Apps from Wasting Data


iOS is not an data hungry operating system, but the apps on your iPhone may be the reason why your iPhone uses more mobile data than needed. When you are at your home and your iPhone is connected to the home WiFi network, you wouldn’t need to worry about your iPhone’s data usage as most of us have got an unlimited broadband internet connection at our home.
However when you are out from your home and your iPhone is on a limited data plan, you will have to monitor and control your iPhone’s data usage in order to not exceed your phone’s internet bandwidth limit.
For those who have wondered how much data has been consumed by their iPhone, here’s how you can check your iPhone data usage on iOS 8.2.

How to Check your iPhone’s Data Usage and Stop Data Hungry Apps from Leaching Data

  • Step 1: Go to your iPhone’s Settings and tap on Mobile ( Sometimes Cellular )


  • Step 2: You can now see your iPhone’s data usage under Mobile Data Usage and a detailed list of all the apps and services which have access to mobile data and the data used by them. At the bottom of the list, you can find the data usage by system services.

Now if you think any app is unnecessarily leeching your phone’s data, then you can tap on the button beside it to turn off mobile data usage for that app. At the bottom of the mobile menu, you can find a Reset statistics option which can be used to reset the data usage.
Note: The data used shown under Mobile data usage is only for the data used from mobile networks and the data used from WiFi networks are not included.

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