How to Take Screenshots on the iPhone 6


Recently i switched to the iPhone 6 plus and very soon i noticed a problem on my phone. The problem i faced was with an app which had problem rendering on the iPhone 6’s humongous screen. So in order to solve the problem i needed to take a screenshot of my iPhone’s display and send it to the developer.

Well, there can be many other reasons why you need to capture a screenshot of your iPhone’s screen and if you ever need it, here’s how you can do so.

Taking screenshots on a iPhone is exactly the same as you would do on a android phone. However there are two ways by which you can capture screenshots on and Phone. First, you can make use of the home and power key combination to capture screenshots or you can mirror your iPhone’s display to an Mac and capture the screenshot. The first method is the most convenient of all.

How to Take Screenshots on the iPhone 6

Press the Home button and then quickly press the power button at the same time. You should then see your iPhone’ screen flash and hear a click sound. That’s it, the screenshot is captured and you can view it in your iPhone’s gallery.


You can download and install the Monosnap app from the app app store and use it to edit screenshots such as adding an arrow or highlighting something.



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