Android Device Manager Rolls out Alongside New Google Play Update


One of the worst nightmares of Android phones and tablet owners today is the fear of losing their valuable android devices . There is no need to worry about that anymore . Though it might be late but at last Google has introduced a new feature called Android device manager which which will help you to find your misplaced or missing Android powered phones and tablets . The Android device manager...

Official Google Adsense App Now Available for Android on Play Store

adsense for android app logo

Google has at last released a new Android app for Adsense users . The app will now allow millions of Adsense users across the world to check out and manage their Adsense earnings on their android devices . Being the first version of this app the Google Adsense app now has only limited access to users key earnings information, top custom and URL channels, ad units and sites reports and payment...

Top 5 Upcoming Android Smart Phones to Launch in 2013

Upcoming android smartphones 2013

Upcoming Android Phones : The Android Smartphone Army is still getting stronger day by day . So far there have been many Android smartphone launches this year and many more  slated for release in the upcoming months . Among these are some of the most anticipated upcoming Android Phones . From what we have gathered so far , the next few months are going to bring in a lot of new phones with new...

Riptide GP2 Game Review on Android | 2013

Riptide gp2 android , ios

Undoubtedly, Riptide GP2 can be claimed as one of the best Android racing games this year . Riptide GP2 is kind of a jet-skiing game , The events take over canals and rivers placed in a futuristic location . The original game was a let down and as you play this game you will feel how far the game has improved . RIptide GP2 is based on an entirely new game engine  . The level of detail in the game...

5 Android Apps That Really Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

juice defender

The android market is full of exciting and free android apps . With the increase in the number of apps in your android smartphone . There are chances that your Android smartphone’s battery life is decreasing . A decreasing smartphone battery life is in fact one of the most heard complaints from Android smartphones users . A simple answer to extend your Android phone’s battery life lies...

Best Android Phones to Buy in 2013


There has been a lot of feature packed android smartphone releases this year  . Here is the definitive list of the Best android phones to buy in 2013 .  A Lot of Android Smartphones have similar specs which confuses most prospective buyers .To help you find the best android smartphone for you , we have gathered the top 5 Android phones and compared them based on their hardware , performance and...

Fastest Method to Root any Android Phone Without a Computer

Root any android phone without computer

Rooting an android phone can be a time taking process . Today we are going to show you the Fastest way to Root almost any android phone without a computer . Framaroot is a one click application that roots almost any android phone or device without the need of a Computer . Framaroot was developed by alephzain from The XDA forums . With one click this app can install the Superuser and Su binary on...

File hide pro : Hide your personal files on a android device


File hide pro is a free android application to hide files and folders in your android device . The app was developed by android developer Emily smith .  It is a very powerful and useful android application for hiding personal data stored on your android device . The interface of this app is very simple , It has a list view showing the hidden files and has a option to hide and the file and another...

Install Official Android 4.2.2 jellybean on your Samsung Galaxy S3


Today we will be installing the latest version of Samsung’s official Android 4.2.2 Rom onto the Galaxy S3 . This firmware was leaked onto the internet a few days ago . Installing custom rom is easy as a having a pie . You just need to go on a Rom hunt and pick out a rom that satisfies your needs . For that you can head over to the XDA forums and check out the thread related to your mobile...

Basic android root terminology for beginners

android terminology

Hello there Android user , welcome to the world of rooting . If you’re researching on rooting your android device Then worry not you’ve come to the right place . Here we’re going to teach you everything that we know about rooting and much more .   Here’s what you need to know before we get into the field and perform some real rooting .  Root(what does it mean to...

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